The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Errands are sometimes a pain in the tookus...

So I went out to get some stuff done, right?

I stopped by the restaurant to pick up my paycheck.  The office folks were grumpy as HELL.  Not even a hi, just grunts and grumbles.  And apparently they just put the sweetbreads back on the menu, cause the chef kept mumbling about brains as he made foot.  I'm glad I wasn't working, cause damn, those bus boys sure were dragging their feet.  Oy.

Shopping was hindered by the usual idiots behind the registers hindered by their lack of ability to read.  Thank goodness for self checkout, man.  Those lines were INSANE.

Surprisingly, though, the Post Office was a model of efficiency.  There were postal workers stationed outside of the post office with weapons keeping the idiots at bay so those of us with actual BUSINESS to conduct could get in and out quickly.

I avoided the awesome blossom at Chilis', cause... well, it kinda looked like brains.  No freakin way, man.

Now I'm home.  There's a big pile of what looks like neighbor kid in the back yard.  I'm going to have to call his parents and yell.

Le sigh.

No brains, man.  No brains.
Tags: bliteotw

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