The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

#57: I am the very model of a majorly efficient man..

So get this shit... I actually have TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW.

This is practically unheard of.  And of course, since I can't actually just rest, yesterday I got up and did things WITH A VENGEANCE!

  1. Burned DVDs of Festival photos for 3 for All and Mark Baratelli.
  2. Went to Starbux to get breakfast and coffee for me and the house/office mates.
  3. Burned 3 copies of my "Summer Burn" compilation.
  4. Figured out how to add photographer copyright to digital image EXIF information.
  5. Mailed all the discs (SF, Florida, UK, UK, Canada).
  6. Uploaded three Moron Life videos to a sketch comedy contest.
  7. Went to In-n-Out for lunchies.
  8. Created the Jurassic Penguin image for esmerel.
  9. Installed guestbook on future project website.
  10. Recorded ambient audio for hollow sounding sketch.
  11. Sorted Friday's SFIF photos and uploaded them to Flickr.
  12. Captured ambient audio from tape to PC.
  13. Re-processed hollow sounding audio so it wasn't so hollow.
  14. Wrote and published this week's "Some Guy" blog for the SFIF MySpace page.
  15. Added ambient sound to now not-so-hollow sketch.
  16. Watched the Colbert Report.
  17. Re-rendered sketch, converted to MP4 and re-uploaded.
  18. Took and sorted a bunch of pictures of my face (and made an icon out of it).
  19. Finished my Amazon Chocolate ice cream.
  20. Edited together five minute video for future project.
  21. Went to Sizzler with the house/office mates and baby for dinner.
  22. Converted five minute video to MP4, MOV and FLV file formats.
  23. Played around on
  24. Figured out how to install flash player on future project website.
  25. Posted way too much to LJ.

I think that's all...

I doubt today will be as efficient.

But you never know!!!

Tags: 100 things, life
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