The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Cirque Fan?  You should enter this.  No purchase necessary.

Cirque Around The World Sweepstakes

    One (1) Prize will be awarded, consisting of:                       
  • VIP Tickets to a Cirque du Soleil Touring Show anywhere in the world to be determined by the Winner and CDS.
  • Planetickets for two (2) to take the Winner and his/her guest to the chosen destination for an approximate total retail value of Eight Thousand USDollars (US$8,000.00). The plane departure and arrival will be at the closest international airport to the Winner's place of residence.
  • Five night stay in a four (4) stars hotel in a double occupancy room for an approximate total retail value of Two Thousand US Dollars (US$2,000.00).
  • Gift bag from the chosen show for an approximate total retail value of Two Hundred US Dollars (US$200.00).
  • Two(2) tickets to attend the Luxor Premiere and Gala in Las Vegas, exact date to be confirmed by CDS, for an approximate total retail value of Three Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars (US$3,500.00), including airfare for two from anywhere in the US and two nights hotel stay in a four (4)stars hotel in a double occupancy room.

(collectively the "Prize")

The total estimated retail value of Prize is approximately fourteen thousand One Hundred US Dollars (US$14,100.00). The approximate value of the airfare portion of the Prize is based on the maximum average airfare for two to London and may vary depending on the point of departure and point of arrival. No compensation will be awarded to the winner or his/her guest if the value of the airfare is less than the approximate retail value.


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