The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A song parody...

The original is from Pippin.

Well I'll sing you a story 'bout a sorrowful lad
He had everything he wanted, but his day was real bad
Pick up his Miata at the shop before noon
But something happened to him that turned him to a moon (bat)

His car then went and got a flat
How could he deal, from work, with that?

So he called upon the AAA
He called them to help and they say
We'll be half an hour and we'll bring you some joy
The first truck couldn't fix it so they called number two
Then problems started and he cried boo hoo.

The truck took longer than they said
So he called them to check ahead

Okay, enough of that crap, I don't have the brain power to be funny right now.  Apparently my left rear tired has two different types of lug nuts on it.  One type which seems to be more NUT than lug nut.  Truck #1 couldn't get the nuts off, and he was just a battery truck, so he had to call for a tow truck to come get me.  Unfortunately, it took so long for him to get through to AAA on the radio to schedule another truck, that 45 minutes later, my lunch break was FAR past over so I called to cancel the truck until after work.

Except that they couldn't find my ticket anywhere.


Eventually they did, whomever took the first call put it under someone ELSE'S AAA number.  The people on the phone were extremely apologetic.  They canceled the truck, then set up a new call that I can activate as soon as work is done just by calling in with the magic number they gave me.

Still, it delays departing for Redding until sometime tomorrow.


Why me?

The planet the governs "Fuck with Clay" must have come out of retrograde
Tags: rant

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