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#51: The art of Making Things Happen

I've lost track of how many times people have thanked me for getting a project moving, restarted, or just back on track. My general reply is "Hey, my magic power is Making Things Happen." And I truly believe that. It doesn't always turn out for the Awesome, but I've got a pretty good track record of helping things come into being that might'nt've otherwise.

As I was driving up to Redding to visit my folks on Wednesday, I was reviewing the last such conversation in my head (as I am want to do when I drive), and I realized that not only am *I* a Maker of Things Happening, but I come from a whole family of Makers.

Growing up, my whole family was heavily involved in community theater. If there was ever something that needed to be done, and no one else could do it, people brought it to us. "We need the side of a mountain on stage." "OH NO! No one designed a program cover and it's due tomorrow!" "Someone needs to spearhead this committee for blah blah blah..."

One summer, when the theater was still doing the Summer Youth Program, my sister and I both ended up stepping into different shows to fill in for a lead with less than 24 hours notice. kellyangel played Pinocchio, and I ended up as the Narrator for an adaptation of a Shel Silverstein book due to broken arms and child custody issues.

The weird thing is that we never seemed to even wonder if what we were being asked was possible. We just did it.

My father is a Dream Realizer. He envisions things and brings them to life. My mother is a Reality Engineer. She takes a concept or idea (hers or someone else's) and wills it into being. My sister is a little bit of both, although she's got much more of my mother's organization/execution skills.

I could sit here and type out a huge list of accomplishments that my folks and my sister have made, but seriously, it would take all day. But needless to say, the realization that this whole Making thing is genetic was actually a bit overwhelming at first, but I really can't say that I'm surprised since it ties into my whole "You say I can't do that? Oh really..." complex.

I'm lucky in that I have a nice balance of both my parent's Making skills. And hell, I'm lucky that I have such great parents to begin with. The act of creating things is very empowering, and I don't know that I would have had the courage to even try if it wasn't for the way they brought me up. And it's funny, because they didn't raise me saying "You are awesome, you can do anything," but rather, "Just go ahead and try it once, what do you have to lose?" I was able to find my Awesome on my own-- and it's easier to trust that kind of Awesome. I guess it's kind of like the whole "You learn better by doing than by watching or listening."

Life is my Awesome lab, and so far, the experiments are all leaning towards positive results.

Okay, enough patting myself on the back. We now return you to your normally scheduled "Klae's lack of self confidence." ;)

Made with 120% Pure Awesome
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