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#50: This entry will probably mean the most to Kellyangel...

There's alot of history behind this post.  Damn, do I go into it or not.  Okay, sorry.

So in college, I performed with the Penn State International Dance Ensemble.  Fantastic group of people, and it really fed my love of All Things International.  For several years, every Labor Day weekend, we'd get together in Pittsburgh for the long weekend, sing our asses off Friday thru Sunday, then hit a recording Studio for three hours and sing our asses off even more.  The amount of tracks we were laying down the first couple years was INSANE.

Eventually, with babies and lives, the reunions became less and less frequent.  And at some point, the awesome folks in charge of the reunions handed over the five years worth of master DAT (digital audio tapes) to me, so that at some point I could get them burned to CD so we could do something with them (we put out a CD after the first year-- my first "producer" gig).  So every six to 10 months, I come across this stack of DATs and try to find some place that will convert them for me.  The CHEAPEST I found was like $100 per tape.  Yeah, um... no thank you.

So Wednesday afternoon, I was having lunch with Greg from the restaurant at his place.  He is a musician, and has had music on shows on the WB and FX and even had a song appear on Buffy!  No shit!! :)

Anyway, we're talking production crap after he gives me a tour of his recording studio (I may be borrowing it for an upcoming project), and I mention that I have these DATs that I need converted.  He says to me, "I've got a DAT player.  I never use it anymore.  Want to borrow it?"  And he immediately goes over to the rack, unplugs the thing, and hands it to me.

So here I am, sitting at home, FINALLY getting these DATs converted... mind you, the oldest is from 1992.  The first one I did (1994, maybe?) had FIFTY tracks on it.  FIFTY!!!  Come on, say it with me now... HOLYCRAP!!!

Anyway, I was just going to do one, but I had so much fun listening to this music that has been stored as 0s and 1s for over 10 years that I popped in the second (only 26 tracks) and then the third (24 tracks).  Near the end of the third, some guitar music started, and I was suddenly stunned to hear myself singing.  It was the song I sang for kellyangel's wedding, which I also sang in concert with PSIDE my last year with the group.

This year's recording has to be immediately BEFORE that concert - which would make it 1995, but that's not possible, because Tape 2 was marked 1995... which means it would have to be shortly AFTER, which means Labor Day 1996 or 1997.  Anyway, the guitarist playing for me had only seen the music that weekend, so she was having some trouble with it, and we never actually recorded the whole song (which is probably why I didn't remember doing it).  There's just a couple takes of us starting off and not finishing.  But the first one... it made me really happy, so I'm sharing it with y'all if you want to listen.

I Love The Way You Love Me (1:16 - 1.17Meg mp3 file)

I hate to sound like I'm a braggart, or that I'm trying to be modest, or that I'm FALSELY modest... I'm never really sure how much to crow when I love something I do... but damn I love this.  It's the complete raw audio, no processing or mixing.  And again, it's a bad take, it cuts off early, and I think that's why I like it so much.


Sorry the post is so long... and I'm sorta sorry I didn't cut it... but people don't read the cut posts mostly, right?
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