The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Cause what do I have to lose, right?


At the present time we do not have any openings for new performers. However, we are always happy to consider the work of practiced puppeteers who are new to us. If you're interested in contacting us, please send a brief 5 - 10 minute video, showing us your work with puppets and demonstrating a range of character voices. The video should be sent to:

                                PUPPETEER APPLICANTS
                                The Jim Henson Company
                                117 East 69th Street
                                New York  NY  10021

We will contact you directly if there is interest in your qualifications.  Please note submissions cannot be returned.  All submissions become property of The Jim Henson Company.

Thanks for the lead, rosecollette
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