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What in my world?!?!

So, there've not been alot of detailed personal updates recently.  I will rectify that now.


Buffy goodness: Along with playing Angel, putting together one of the advertising badges for the show, and doing other random voices as needed, I've also been recruited as an Audio Engineer.  I'll be piecing together dialog into coherent scenes.  Each actor records their own dialog on their local computer (either alone or during a Skype call) then all those tracks get pieced together into the final scene.  Should be cool!

Safeway goodness: Shoot tomorrow night up in the East Bay (yay, dinner with melibabe).  Just got a call from the mistress of Casting that she's bumped me up to a principle (principal?) role.  Means $100 more, and LINES.

Improv goodness: A little bit ago, I applied for a position with the Willows Theater Conservatory teaching a pre-teen (11-13) improv class on Saturday mornings in Concord.  I had a phone interview with the guy (who I kinda sorta know through the Festival).  There's a new staffer coming in to help with their current production, and he wants to offer the position to her first if she's interested (which I totally understand), but if she doesn't want it, the job is mine.  Sure, Concord is a bitch of a drive away, but it's Saturday mornings, PLUS I can probably arranges semi-regular lunches with archanglrobriel, mudbender and the Badger during the 9 weeks that the class takes place!

Teeths: You know how sometimes you get a little bit of plaque buildup on the back of your two front, lower teeth, right at the gumline?  Yeah, well the little bit that was there chipped (not the tooth, just the buildup), now there's a sharp edge, and I CAN'T STOP RUBBING MY TONGUE OVER IT, AND IT'S TEARING UP THE TIP OF MY TONGUE!  AHHHH!  SOMEONE SHOOT ME!  I have dental insurance.  I can go get my teeths cleaned.  Must do.  Stat.

Project:  I want to do a video podcast.  Still not sure WHAT I want to do with it.  If you have thoughts about what you'd like to see me do, leave a comment and I'll try to incorporate it somehow.  DISCLAIMER: Pants will be on at all times.

Love Life:  BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA!  HAHAHAH!  BUAHAHAHAHA!!!  Sorry, just had to put that in there.

Moron Life: Work on Season 3 continues.  We've got some really good stuff that I'm really proud of right now.  Can't wait to get it finished. :)

NASA:  Looks like NASA time is done.  I'm a bit sad about that, but hey, it was a good run, and it looks sexy on my resume.

Restaurant: Got to start training the new guy last night.  Nice kid, should fit in okay.  Also pondering picking up some books to help bolster my Sommelier knowledge.

TV: Heroes Season 1 DVD is on it's way to me RIGHT NOW.  It could even be here today, even.  Greek on ABC Family-- funny show!  Whoda'thunkit?  If you're not TiVoing Robot Chicken, you should be.  Seriously.

Skype: You on Skype?  I'm "clay.r"

Twitter:  You on Twitter?  I'm there, too.

Movies:  Stardust - ROCKED!  Really well done.  Much happy making.  Superbad - disgusting high school genital humor joke movie, and I didn't stop laughing once through the whole thing.  It was awesome.

Finished:  Yes.

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