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Where's my head at?

I am still sane, please don't fear.  Job stresses, while not resolved, are... less stressful.

I moved the interview with Kaiser to Wednesday, because I forgot I have to go in for labwork for my physical tomorrow (yay insurance! boo fasting!).

My head has wrapped around the realization that I'd become comfortable at the restaurant, and really, I can't afford to be.  I have to keep growing and exploring, and while the restaurant is a great place to learn and float a while, it's a pond that I can't build a home in.  skygoodwill was right (as always) in that I really need to find myself something that will serve my purposes (like the SETI job).  So no stomping off in a fit of quit, but if I decide NOT to take the Kaiser job (they've already asked me how much notice I'd have to give), I'll be looking to move on from the restaurant after Banquet Season is done, I think.

This may, of course, be news to some.  Sorry about that.  There was a huge suckfest at work over Labor Day weekend that reminded me that it was only supposed to be a temporary holiday job... three years ago.

So the head is putting itself back on properly.

A couple (now) laughable things that that went wrong over the last week that I didn't bother to write about for fear of promoting a negative trend in my journaling:

The neighbor cat PISSED ON MY FREAKIN CAR!  Yes, right in the middle of the tonneau top.  I am now keeping a loaded supersoaker by the front door.  Our new(ish) neighbors had a cat that birthed kittens, which have grown up outside, and are now menacing not only Jake, but my car.

Somehow, I found the magical talent to be able to cut myself with an electric razor.  Don't ask how.  But I finished shaving and there was a huge bloody patch next to my chin.  Some days I am a danger to myself.

Once again, thank you universe for merlinofchaosTurk and esmerelCarla.  I'd be insane without them.  And huzzah for crankypenguinIzzy, too.  She can always make me smile.  Also thanks to everyone who called, commented, IM'd and communicated via other means while I was going all crazy.  I appreciate the fact that I am so loved.

Sunday I'm off to Redding to fix the father-unit's computer.  Back by Monday night to work.  Wheee!

Oh! And I should have my contract for the teaching gig in Concord soon. :) YAY!

Surfing back to sanity on a very small surfboard
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