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Moby goes to my gym...

This is a recreation. The names have been changed to protect the fat and lazy...

The Players:
--Klae's Brain

The Time: 6:09 AM
Snerk... muh... crap, what time is it?
6:09 AfuckingM, hit snooze.
Shit, we're ten minutes late, come on.
But that dream... it was about to get dirty.
It was not, come on, we've got to go.
But the bed... so comfortable.
Move it! I know you don't want to, but we have to.
What if the houseguests are parking us in?
Fine, if they are, we won't go.
::Shuffle to the window::
Let's go. I win.
::dressing noises::
Where are my sweat pants?
Ha! We can't go without your sweats!
Yes we can, how cold is it?
Thirty nine! SCORE!
I'll wear jeans and take them off once we get there. I have shorts on.
::leaving the house, driving to the gym::
Damn, there are more hot people here than when last I came.
I'll concede that point to you
::Find a stationary bike. Get on::
Hey, is that Moby?
Shut up and pedal.
::40 minutes and 14.4 miles later::
Can we stop now?
Yup, good work.
It's about freakin time you got back here, I feel GREAT!
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm Klae's body. Feels like I've been wrapped in marshmallow pudding. So I fully expect you back here tomorrow morning for the cross trainer.
You got it...


All 250 pounds of me. :/

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