The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

#47: Happy little secrets...

So I know that my summer, while amazing from a creative standpoint, may have come across as slightly stressful for me.  There were a couple really awesome things that happened, though, that I didn't share through Ye Olde ElJay.

Why?  Probably because I was really enjoying sharing them in a more face to face manner.  And because I was sort of holding on to them as lifelines to happy.  Because by not posting, I could keep retelling the details without 'Oh, yeah, I read that...' popping up 3 sentences into the story.

So here's the first (not in chronological order):

The folks from Un-Scripted (the Puppet Show People) called to ask me to audition for their winter musical.  They were sad to see I'd not signed up for an audition spot, and wanted to check to see if they could convince me to come in.  That's the happy part.  Unfortunately, because of the holiday banquet schedule, there's really no way I could do it this year.  But still... they liked me.  They really, really liked me.

More later, when I feel like sharing another.

Tags: 100 things, happy, improv, life

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