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What to do, what to do...

So my script is done... I've got several potential projects to focus on, all of which are important, none of which fit conveniently into my skills or time slots. :)

1) Website: Overhaul and Relocation
2) Room: Spring cleaning and re-organization
3) Car: So much fun stuff to do with the car
4) Genealogy: I need to hit cemeteries around New England, in upstate NY and in PA to do research
5) Reading: I'm in the middle of 4 or 5 books that I don't have time to finish, and I've got several more waiting
6) Writing: I've got several story ideas I need to put down so I don't forget them
7) Acting: Improv, Auditions, Everything else...
8) Family & Friends: Many people need to be visited
9) Dating: Yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen
10) Fitness: Gym, gym, gym, gym

Where do we go from here? I guess I have to prioritize...

Too much to do...

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