The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

The Why I Do The Things I Do...

Some people ask me why I spend so much of my time working on projects that aren't specifically mine, and that don't pay me anything.  Of late, it's been the Buffy Podcast I've been working on.  Sound editing has been eating up ALOT of my free time, and some other projects have suffered a bit because of it.

Well, here's why I work on Buffy Between the Lines as hard as I do:
hi my name is joshua brown I use computer that talk for me. I have cerebral palsy I am typing this letter using a headswitch. I find you podcast on net it good written I can't read so your podcast all the new buffy going to get so thank you all. josh


This is Joshua's mother, he wanted to type a letter to you guys. He is 26 and totally involved with Cerebral Palsy so his computer is his life line. He was in heaven when he discovered your site. He has all the Buffy and Angel DVD's he always asks me what day it is because he can't wait for the new episode every week. I want to thank you again for making his life fun and exciting again, he so missed Buffy when she went off TV. Teddy
(Joshua's Mom)

And there you have it.

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