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#46: December 2nd - Return from Exile

Part of the First - My Mother Can Totally Kick Your Mother's Ass, Then Make Her Feel Better

Today is my mom's birthday!!

I have the most awesome mom in the world, for a bajillion reasons. The first and foremost is that she's a Saint. And yes, I know every good Italian boy says that about his mom, but the folks I know who've met her can testify on her behalf... she seriously should have Stigmata.

She is so awesome, in fact, that everyone should send her birthday wishes to:

Carol (at) ObeyYour (dot) tv (the address will only be active for a few days, so if you're late on this one, too bad!!)

More stories of my mom's awesomeness later.

Part of the Second - The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen

So you know how you can't shift your car out of park unless you're stepping on the break, right? Well, LAST Sunday, when I was home for Thanksgiving, I got up early, pulled Maddie up in front of my folks house and loaded her up to head home. When I actually went to leave, I couldn't shift out of park. And the normal "you can shift now" noise that accompanies stepping on the break while I'm in park wasn't happening. So I couldn't go anywhere.

Mom lent me her truck (see, told you she was awesome), and the plan was to get Madeline fixed, and they'd bring her down to me THIS weekend.

Mom changed that plan, went out, and bought me a new (to me) Miata (SEE?!?! AWESOME!!!).

Meet LesleyAnn. Why LesleyAnn you ask? Well, it's not set in stone yet, I have to see if she fits it, but Madeline was named for Madeline Kahn, who played Mrs. White in the movie Clue. I thought it only fitting that I name the little red Miata after Lesley Ann Warren, who played Ms. Scarlett in the same movie. Yes, I'm a dork. And my mother is still awesome.

Part of the Third - Ted Turner Loves Me!

So last week, Lon, my partner in crime at Moron Life, wrote up a review of Frank Caliendo's new show, Frank TV on TBS. Apparently TBS liked it, because they sent us a Frank TV wall clock, and a screener copy of a new show they're putting up so we could do an early review of it.

We've never contact TBS before. They hunted down our address and sent us shit unsolicited.

I suspect my mother is somehow involved.

Part of the Fourth - Jobs, Jobs, Everywhere Jobs...

Y'all know about the SETI interview. That's on Wednesday Morning, by the way. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the mean time, I'm also filling in one day a week as Catering Director at the restaurant, and getting a nice little bit of extra money for that.

It's that nice little bit of money that allowed for...

Part of the Fourth point Five - iZora!

I bought me a freakin iPhone! Her name is iZora (I named her after my dad's Aunt, cause... it's a cool name). I love her very very much, and someday I hope we have little touch screen cylon love children.

Part of the Fifth - I won a mufukin trip to NOLA!

One of the things I did with all the extra time I saved not hitting refresh on LiveJournal all day was to make some videos.

I submitted a video (of photographs with narration) to to try to win an Alaskan Kayaking adventure. I didn't win. But while I waited for the results, I also submitted a piece about New Orleans, and what my dream 24 hours would be there.

I totally fucking won.


So, it looks like NOLA for my birthday... which is usually around Mardi Gras. HOLY SHIT! I just realized that. Hmmm, I wonder if there are blackout dates...

And that's it. Here endeth the update. My time away was productive, and while I'll start reviewing my friends page without posting again, I can't guarantee that I'll see every post, because constantly hitting refresh on the ElJay was definately eating away at my productivity. So if there's something you really want me to see, you can text the link to me by using the "Send text message" jobbie in my profile information, and then I can look at it on my FREAKIN IPHONE!!! :D

Thanks for reading!
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