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There's no place like home for the holidays...

The last two weeks have been grueling. If I wasn't at work, I was asleep, or sick in bed if I had the whole day off. I can't say I didn't make decent money doing it, because I did (and even got a very unexpected bonus... in the restaurant industry? Come on!)

I worked last night until just shy of 11 PM. Tips were very good. This morning, I dragged myself out of the house before 10 to make the 4 hour drive to Chez Family. I've found that audio books make the trip go VERY fast. Plus, I get to "read" which I don't normally have time to do.

We hit my sister's in-laws for Christmas Eve Dinner, and I actually enjoyed myself. It was very family feeling. Comfort and love. Laughter. It was good.

Now I'm home. Mom just went to bed after watching a couple more West Wing episodes with me. I can hear the TV in the boys' room lulling them to sleep. K and J are nestled into their room, although I expect K to wake at any moment to clean, or wrap presents or... she sleeps as little as I do. :)

From the den, I can hear Leo, the Mastiff, having some sort of doggy dream. The normally quiet beast is mumbling barks and growls in his sleep. Sherman, the Greyhound, is curled up on his bed in my parents room, where I can hear dad's faint snoring (no, no one here closes their bedroom doors). Jack, the Dachshund, is asleep in my parent's bed, I assume. And Murray, the Catahoolahound, is quiet, finally, after spinning around several times in preparation for laying down.

This year, there's a new addition to the Menajerie, Gus (Grey Uninvited Screamer). He was found in the driveway just a week or so ago, and has taken over the house as young male kittens are want to do. He fears no one, it seems. The Mastiff's tail is just another play toy, and Jack is his constant rumble mate. Once again, the Halfway House for Damaged Pets takes in a stray. And he fits in perfectly.

The fire is crackling in the other room, and the lights on the hearth in here are lighting the stockings faintly in the dim chandelier light. The tick of the clock near the bar seems to be much too fast for how peaceful everything is right now.

I am happy. Good things are on the horizon. Despite the ups and downs of 2007, it's ending well (knock on wood) and the road ahead looks bright.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of my life this year. Even though I've been absent for chunks of it due to my insane need to be constantly (and manically) busy, I feel loved, and the warmth of friendship keeps me striving for more and better things.

I am a spiritual being, but I'm not overly religious. However, this time a year, one song from my childhood always comes back, and I find myself singing it now and then.
Bring us together when winter winds blow, when from the path we run. Heavenly Father in faith let us grow. God bless us, everyone. And when our loved ones are taken away and sorrow dims the sun, comfort and guide us though we turn away. God bless us, everyone. Gather the children and light their way out of night, into day. Open our eyes make our hearts aware that in the dark, you are there. Kindle the fire that lightens the soul, and when the journey's done let us go forward with you as our goal. God bless us, everyone.
-Tiny Tim
A Musical Christmas Carol

I hope all of you, no matter your spiritual leanings (or lack thereof) find 2008 to be a year filled with joy and wonder.


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