The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

2008: Theme Chosen!

So the theme for my 2008 is going to be "The year of me!"

That's right! If you didn't think I was self centered and ego-bloated enough, 2008 is going to be even more Klaetastic! Keep in mind that this isn't a list of resolutions. It's a theme for the year, and things that are going to evolve out of that theme.

First, I'm going to learn how to say "no" to people. I'm not going to take on every project that shows up on my doorstep like a stray. I'm going to focus on things that will be of some benefit to me.

I'm going to focus on myself. I've already started sprucing the wardrobe. I've bought a replacement cologne for the stuff I've been using since 1999 (oh yea, seriously, same GINORMOUS bottle), and I'll be hitting the gym regularly (so brace yourself for a week or two of cranky me while I adjust).

I'm going to be less modest about my work. You thought I overshared before? Watch out.

And I'm sure more things will arise as I adjust to these things.

It's all me...
Tags: life

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