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Proclamations from the Mountain Top...

No, not THAT Mountaintop... the Mountain Top that is my good mood.

Proclamation #1:

My roomie is the best roomie in the world, and you all wish he was yours cause he's so damn cool. But he's not yours, he's mine. NEYAH!

Proclamation #2:

My friends totally rock. They are the best friends ever. Some of them are your friends too, and that's okay, but you don't have them all, only *I* do!! :D

Proclamation #3:

Clay and Caffeine and Shopping DO NOT MIX. I bought the following today: Bella Fleck and the Flecktones Outbound, Soul Coughing lust in phaze, Mark DeGliAntoni Horse Tricks, Tenacious D's Tenacious D and D Fun Pak and The Whole Love Thing, Sorted from the QAF Soundtrack. Too much money spent, but many hours of listening pleasure ahead.

Proclamation #4:

Fuck if I didn't know that Hitting CTRL-I and CTRL-B in this damn live journal client didn't insert the HTML code for bold and italic and CTRL-U works for underlined! and CTRL-M inserts links, and CTRL-T does something with unordered lists and CTRL-H opens the history screen so you can edit old posts and CTRL-J lets you switch Journals if you post to more than one and that is all for now I'm tired of testing.

Proclamation #5:

I ROCK! Just because.

Proclamation #6:

The gym is helping me to become as sexy as my car. Once I am as sexy as my car, I will steal cosmicserpent's Mack and become the new Mackmaster.

Proclamation #7:

You all want me. Face it. It's okay. I accept that. We can still be friends. I understand that I have this effect on people.

Proclamation #8:

Take Proclamation #3 and apply it to LJ posting as well. :D

Time to EAT!

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