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Chicago, Chicago...

So here we are, hanging out at O'Hare watching the planes taxi in and out. Mom bought a book of Sudoku, Dad is studying his asprin bottle.

The 2:00 connecting flight we were supposed to be on was cancelled "due to weather" and now the 7:00 flight is delayed 56 minutes. Wheeeeee! The brother unit is prepared to pick us up should "weather" strike again (we suspect we're the only people on the flight).

So I'm sitting here wasting iZora's batteries while we wait.

definately not wearing underpants... Whoops!

Oh, wow, I didn't realize the flickr posts didn't upload all the text! My alarm didn't go off this morning, so we were rediculously late getting to the airport. Thanks to Turk for saving the day. This is also why I'm not wearing underpants. Don't rush to dress while you're still 3/4s asleep...
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