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My "Day Off"

  1. Picked up Leslie Ann from the shop.
  2. Finished rough edit on first video from this weekends shoot (run time 2 minutes 15 seconds)
  3. Drove to SF
  4. Had a meeting with Dave about this summer's movie (more on that later)
  5. Went over One Act script and highlighted lines
  6. Went over video rough edit with video's producer
  7. Rehearsed for One Act
  8. Pondered two person show for SFIF08
  9. Drove back to San Jose
  10. Edited another scene for BBtL
  11. Created banner graphic for Moron Life Season 3
  12. Posted graphic and article announcement on Moron Life website
  13. Emailed movie's DP, Makeup Artist, Composer and chatted with Costume Designer (more on that later)
  14. Emailed potential partner for two person show
  15. Emailed former cast mates about borrowing their structure for two person show
  16. Emailed puppeteers about a possible Tuesday "Proof of Concept" shoot
  17. Edited 25 seconds out of video mentioned above (run time now 1 minute 50 seconds)

And now... bed
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