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Moron Life: Early Release

Tonight at 11PM on Comcast Cable channel 15 in San Jose and Campbell, you can see the premier of Moron Life's third season. OR, you can go to and watch it now (yes, the whole 27 minute episode, not just a single sketch), cause our intarweb fans get a bit of a heads up on this event that was two years (holy crap) in the making.

Sure, we're just a no-budget, cable access sketch show, but I think we've put together some great stuff for Season 3. There will be a new episode each Wednesday for the next six weeks.

I didn't write most of this episode. So if it's not funny, don't blame me. ;)
  • We actually shot the press conference scene about 8 months ago (actually, maybe even longer... Lon's last line is a "300" reference) which is even funnier, because back THEN we thought we were close to release.

  • I really love the new opening credits, they make me happy. Since shooting those credits twoish years ago, we've lost most of the cast. Olivier moved to LA, Phil moved to SF, Dan and Athena are on "Hiatus" (don't get me started there), Rich actually has an entertainment career (but at least he still comes in to do stuff if we need him), and Kathleen moved to New York City to do some Broadway work.

  • Intro. We went with a new intro style this year. Rather than in front of the "Club House" backdrop, we did "location" stuff for all of the filler, which was actually kinda fun.

  • Blisterine. It's gross and funny. :) One of the first things we shot for the season.

  • Charade. Don't get me stated on this one. I wrote the first draft of it based on a brainstorming session. Lon didn't like my original ending and did a re-write that *I* disliked so much that I stepped out of the sketch. No bad blood or pouting, I just didn't like where it went. And I think Rich did a better job in the role than I could have anyway.

  • Intarweb Losername. Okay, I wrote more of this episode than I thought. This was based on an idea that Justin from the Jesters' had, and I ran with it. This was featured on G4 Tech TV in Canada, so I actually have IMDB credit for writing and being in it.

  • Filler. We just had fun with these. They get better. Trust me.

  • MORT. YouTube deemed this "racy" when we posted it as a solo sketch, so I'm interested to see how putting it in a full episode does. :)

  • A Moron Calls His Mother. We did a series of these for Mother's Day last year. If you listen, you can hear the REALLY obnoxious guy in the office next to ours in the background of the whole thing.

  • Musical Guest. We did "Band Day" just about a year ago. Got some great acoustic acts in and filmed them all (except the first one, that was our test the night before) in one day. Live edit with Lon's new video mixer... now we just need a multi-Track recorder so we can record the audio in multiple tracks and balance it after the fact.

  • Confessions. I missed out on shooting the confessions this year. Generally we write absurd confessions, then draw them out of a hat and just read them. So you can't blame Kathleen for her Heroin habit. :)

  • Noah and Val. We shot these FOREVER ago. Written by Phil (our Irish writer), we shot six sketches back to back in one afternoon. They were one of my first big editing projects. The hardest part was balancing the color from the cameras that don't have very good color balance. Oy. It's a crazy sketch, but I find it hysterical. And I'm the puppeteer on both spiders. Oh, and I wrote and sang the theme song, too.

  • Outro. Okay, sometimes we run out of ideas.

  • Soap Opera Closer. Written by Dan. These were also crazy, but fun to shoot.

  • Closing Credits. A new style for these, too. I actually got editing credit, which makes me really happy. :)


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