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Catching my breath...

Things may seem quiet here on the LJ front, but rest assured, I am hard at work making my way straight towards an early heart attack or stroke.

Today's events:

10:15-11:00 Leave house, get gas, stop at bank, drive to downtown SJ
11:00-12:45 Cut and color* at my salon
12:45-1:00 Stop at restaurant, change, walk to car
1:00-2:00 Drive to SF
2:00-2:10 Walk to Casting Agency
2:10-2:30 Wait for Casting Director to come back from lunch
2:30-2:45 Wait while people also scheduled at my time go first
2:45-3:30 Audition for Intel web commercial**
3:30-4:30 Race back to San Jose for work***
4:30-4:45 Sit in accident traffic so close to work I probably could have walked it faster
4:45-7:30 Wait on Tennis watchers who believe that they're the ONLY people in the restaurant going to this match

And that's just today.

Tomorrow, work 9-5 then rehearse 7-10
Thursday, work 10-4 then edit audio 5-?? oh, and go shopping for props Super Sekrit Project (SSP)****
Friday, meet with building manager in SF about renting space for SSP****, lunch with author of SSP****, work 4-10PM
Saturday, in SF by 9AM for SSP****
Sunday-- well, I just hope I make it to Sunday.

I think that I'm a glutton for exhaustion

* Had to get rid of the grey for the One Act Play... I *AM* the romantic male lead after all*****
** It was only supposed to last 15 minutes
*** I was supposed to be there at 4:15. Did I mention my car is stalling again?*****
**** You'll find out soon enough, don't worry.
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