The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Press Conference

So it's time for the Middleman press conference call with Javier Grillo-Marxuach (aka chaodai). I'm gonna live blog this, just because I can. HA!

10:57 Dialing in
10:58 Repeating my name ad nauseum... how hard is it to spell Clay?
11:01 Horrible hold music
11:02 Learn how to pronounce the man's name, dude!!
11:04 Still holding...
11:05 He pronounced it right! WOO HOO!!! (To be fair, it's not the easiest name to pronounce)
11:07 "Please do not disconnect, your conference call will begin momentarily." The hold music is akin to the old 80s tv specials where they'd be flying you over senic country and showing families picnicking and dad practicing his golf swing.
11:10 Oh god, please don't tell me this is really a time-share sales pitch.
11:11 WOO WE START! Javi is funny already.
11:12 There will be gladitorial combat to determine who gets to ask the last question.
11:14 Question stall! DOH!
11:15 And we're back.
11:17 I'm in the question queue, hoping my question isn't stupid.
11:20 ABC won't use chimps in their productions... wow!
11:25 He reads all the sites in on the conference call?! NO WAY! (Way?)
11:31 HA! He remembers me from Dragon*Con 2005!!
11:32 Hans, he says hi back.
11:33 Wow, the production crew has been watching the video I shot of him at D*C...
11:34 ...and making fun of him. :D
11:41 Hey lady! One question at at time! Back of the queue!! ;)
11:44 "There are legalities to using other people's properties..." BAAAHAHAH! Well said.
11:49 "Balls out weird..."
11:52 "I'm self conscious about my verbal diarrhea." Dude, you talk SMART, not just crazy. Don't worry!
11:57 I am not the last question... I didn't win the gladiatorial combat. POO!
11:58 "Multi-Glutial Fleshy Beast" -- I think I dated her.
11:59 "The Middleman is a former navy seal who decided at some point in his life that this is the way he's going to live." "You can choose to be good and succeed at it."
12:01 "It's when the show starts winking at itself and starts becoming self-referential... the moment it becomes too cartoony, the show will die."
12:02 That's all folks!!

HA! That was fun!

Tags: rock!

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