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And we're clear...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! First day 'on the set' today filming. What a blast!

I was REALLY tired this morning when I got up, and forgot that I hadn't put the jeans I was going to wear in the wash last night, so at 8:30 I throw them in and hop in the shower... around 9:00 I'm clean, and the jeans go in the dryer. Me, the constantly 15 minutes early guy, who planned on leaving the house at 9:15 finally pulls the jeans out of the dryer at 9:30 and hops in the car.

They weren't QUITE dry. The pockets, and all the seams were still wet... and cold.

Thank goodness there's parking near the studio, and on Sunday it's free. WHOOP! Walked the two blocks to CCTV, and I'm still 5 minutes early for my 10:00 call. But everyone is standing outside. Someone asks, "Are you the key guy?" I get ready to say no, but Alison, the producer, says "No, that's Klae! He's playing Dac." Needless to say, I'm totally impressed. I'd met the woman once, for a total of MAYBE twenty minutes, with like 15 other people, and she remembered my face and name.

The day was cool. I had no scripted lines for the two scenes I was in, which was nice, cause I got to get used to everything before worrying about memorizing stuff. Since I'm supposed to be the director of photography, every scene I was in today (all two of them) involved me with a headset on, doing something with a camera. Now, I've never touched one of those things before, so Alison pretty much told me, "Just play with it, and if you have questions, ask." So I got to spend the time that I wasn't shooting screwing with cameras.

So of course, I take that to heart, and when someone switches the camera I'm fooling with over to the monitor, I start doing bunny hand shapes in front of the lens to watch the autofocus stuff. One of the other actors, Chris, starts laughing and says, "You're just what I needed here today. I really need to relax." That made me feel good.

The other cast folks that I worked with today were AWESOME. Really friendly, and way cool. I went to lunch with Chris, who plays Clint, one of the news anchors. We sat in Wendy's while the fire alarm went off and had chicken sandwiches while attempting to discuss what other work we'd done over the din.

I'm really impressed by the operation they have going. Yeah, it is public access, but there were three different shoots going on at the same time in the building (which isn't that big). Three different directors handled each scene, and Alison bounced back and forth between them making sure everything was going well.

So for NEXT Saturday, I have to have actual lines memorized.

Fun fun fun!

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