The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Week 1: Check

First week of the San Francisco Improv Festival is over. Whew. Six more weeks to go.

Most importantly this weekend, Bob Bless melibabe for putting up with my moody bullshit all weekend. This is going to be a more stressful Festival for me than usual. I don't have a group I perform with, so I don't actually get to PLAY at the Festival, which, while sad, hasn't been an issue in the past... but this year there's not even classes for me to sit in on, so it's really just an all work, no play Festival for me. Which is adding to the stress of $30 for gas and $12 for parking trips to the city. And since I don't want to do THAT three times a week, I'm taking CalTrain for $5 each way plus cab fare. Except that CalTrain adds some time to my commute. In stead of an hour each way, it's just shy of 2 hours up (if I manage to catch the bullet), and getting home... well, I left the party at 11:30, and got home at 2:10. So yeah. It makes a long day even longer. So again, bless melibabe for putting up with my cranky ass.

Okay, now that that is done, it was a really great festival weekend. It's late, so here's highlights:

  • Improv Boston played along side Comedy Sports San Jose.

  • One of the IB kids used to perform with me at the Improv Foundry in Boston.

  • One of the OTHER IB kids is a former student of mine. I taught his first Improv class ever.

  • Jeff, from Comedy Sportz San Jose invited me to come "work out" with them on Tuesdays.

  • Rod, another Improviser from Boston that I worked with randomly showed up at the festival and is now living in SF.

  • Jess, another one of my former students was randomly in SF and came to the festival, saw me and stared for a minute before going "Wait... I've not seen you in a long time."

  • I got to hang out with the Un-Scripted crew tonight, which is always awesome.

  • Train time, while long, *IS* affording me uninterrupted time with the 3 Days Later script.

  • I put 3 Days Later cards out at the Purple Onion and a couple people actually expressed interest. Some even laughed!

  • Did I mention that we're at the Historic Purple Onion? I've now hosted a show on the stage where Phyllis Diller got her first gig, where the Smothers Brothers recorded their first album, and where Maya Angelou performed her first gig.

So despite the frustrations, it was a good first week. I just hope I make it through the rest.

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