The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

NOT the best choice while sick...

So I'm a bit under the weather today... have been all week. I can't talk without coughing, and the sinus headache comes and goes, but comes more than goes.

So I'm taking a few upright minutes to look at email, and I see that submissions are closed for the Blurb Photography Book Contest thing... so I go and look at all the other books...

And wow, do I feel inadequate.

No that my stuff isn't good, but some of these books are AMAZING. Absolutely amazing.

So, secure in the knowledge that I won't win, I've been perusing them and itching for another vacation to go and take more photos. Gotta get dad to go on that trip to Bodie soon.

Click. Click. Zoom.
Tags: photography
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