The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Dating the Up

SO... I've been busy.

After the crazy that was last weeks Festival, I took a couple days to go visit the 'rents up in NoCal. As always, the visits are relaxing despite the couple computer issues that need fixing. Nothing major, which was nice. Couple button presses here and there then I tell dad it took two hours longer than it really did. (Not really, but he reads this occasionally, and that'll get him all riled up for a bit.) The nephews are good. Their newest trick is punching each other "in the nuggets." I warned them to be careful, or they'd never have nephews of their own. They actually seemed to stop and think about THAT one for a while. Best thing, at about 1 in the morning one night, they came to me and asked if I' d make them some bacon. See, it IS genetic!

Back here Wednesday night, then Thursday started the daily cycle of:

9:00 AM : Alarm
9:30 AM : Get up
10:00 AM : Leave for work
10:30 AM : Work
3:30 PM : Leave Work
4:05 PM : Get on CalTrain
5:45 PM : Arrive San Francisco
5:50 PM : Get on there 45 bus
6:10 PM : Arrive Chinatown, walk 4 blocks to Festival Venue
9:45 PM : End show, hop a cab back to CalTrain
10:30 PM : Get on CalTrain
12:01 AM : Arrive San Jose
12:30 AM : Arrive home
12:45 AM : Pull photos off camera and resize
1:00 AM : Upload photos for Festival
1:30 AM : Wind down
2:00 AM : Hopefully be asleep

Except that last night I missed the 10:30 because Wendy, my casting agent, came to the show, so I spent quite a long time chatting with her afterwards. So I took the 12:01 train home, which gets me into San Jose at 1:35, home by 2:00, then I had to do laundry for work today, so I didn't get to bed till 3:30. WHEEE.

I'm freakin tired.

The two groups we have in this weekend for the festival are Amazing. This may be Best. Weekend. Of. Festival. Evar. Zabeth and Will from Aye Diego are back, and damn if they're not the funniest people I know. Zabeth is also one of my favorite improvisers to photograph, because she's got such AMAZING facial expressions. Each character is a major physical change for her. Mad props.

So now, I'm at work. Festival again tonight. Tomorrow, running to Carmel to see satyr69 in Buddy, then up to Santa Cruz for the Oui Be Negroes show at the Santa Cruz Improv Festival (it's my co-producer Shaun's birthday show). Then Monday back to work.

Tuesday, breakfast with missmelysse in SF... Hey Melissa, what time are we meeting again? I have to figure out train schedules!

Anyway, more updates later.

Tags: improv, life

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