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Teetering on the edge...

Ever have one of those days where it has the potential to go really wrong?

Too many things are in that razor's edge position today...

Work... well, we all know how shitty that's been. Will the things I tried yesterday actually work, or will I (once again) be back at ground zero?

Car... the guy installing my top doesn't like it. Spent fifteen minutes complaining about how he thought there should be more parts and how he doesn't know if it will work. Just follow the fucking directions you buttplug, and if there's a problem, I can take it to the company that sold it to me.

Life... someone actually responded to my Nerve ad who doesn't seem like a total motard. Of course they're in NYC. Lot of good THAT does me.

Can't I just have a peaceful day?

Living on the edge...</b>

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