The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Fightin' the Funk with Friends and Fun

::begin cheesy afterschool special music::

It's been a tough day.

About 10:30 last night I got clubbed with this enormous beatdown of blah. I went to bed early, dreamed of being back in college without enough money to pay for it. But I was living in the dorms, which is something I never actually did in college. It was bizarre. And I think there was a blizzard.

Up this morning to work lunch. Beer Activated Co-Worker was also having a blah day, so we made post work plans to consume beef, which was good.

Now I'm home, and starting tomorrow I'll be house sitting for a friend up in SF until Saturday afternoon. There will be work on the 3 Days Later script. There will be writing for the project I'm working on with wildpaletz. It's going to be 72 hours of 'my project' time. I guess a big part of the blahs came on because I realized that I'm spending so much time making other people's projects happen that I've been ignoring my own. So... 3 days of me time, then figuring out how to balance my stuff with all the other stuff.

Taking deep breaths...

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