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#44: Things...

So that funk that came down on me last week still hasn't abated.

There have been some low tides, of course: Spending a whole day working on the 3 Days Later script with Amber and Dave, and then hanging out with them and melibabe playing games, Tropic Thunder (holy crap that was good), preparing a resume and cover letter for an AWESOME job (that later turned out to be a stale posting), getting ready for the 10 minute improv gig that was going to pay me $1000 (that got canceled because they canceled the entire marketing campaign 4 days before the seminar).... Ups and downs. Ups and downs.

But the mood, on the whole has been kind of... meh for more than a week now, which sucks. Usually there's a drop and a bounce right back, but this funk lingers like the funk of a zombie's kiss on prom night.

I don't know what that means, but I thought it was funny... but no.

ANYWAY, in conversing with one of my wise friends, I was reminded that it's my own job to pull myself out of this crap, and not one to be a hypocrite, I'm taking my own advice and returning to posting about things that make me glad I'm me. Focus on the positive, that's what pulls us out of the ruts we get stuck in.

So here we go, #44:

I love to do a lot of things. And a lot of those lot of things I do passably well. So passably well, in fact, that I can often fool people into believing that I do them REALLY well, which is what a good Improviser does... fake it so realistically that it seems real.

But once in a while, I pull something off in such a spectacular manner that I even impress myself.

This is one of those times:

(IE Users may have to go to and listen to Overplayed there)

It's the parody of the Daniel Powter song I did that got linked off the BBC Website. I can listen to it over and over again, and I'm still amazed that it's me a little bit.

Needless to say, I'm really proud of it, which is why I'm bringing it up again.

I need to make more music.

Counting down
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