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Bad News, Good News and Scary News...

Another fun day of shooting, but there was 'news'...

Bad news:

The weather gods didn't smile on us today, so we couldn't shoot my first real scene since it takes place outdoors, and hail isn't conducive to shooting. BUT, we've rescheduled it for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be okay weather.

Good news:

We've been picked up by a second 'network'. Somerville Community Access Television (yes, you pigs, that's SCAT) will be airing the shows as well. WOO!

Scary news:

So I'm just there as an extra for the scene I DID get to film today... the woman sitting across from me, and another guy at the table I was at (we were in a restaurant) are both writers on the show. We were chitchatting about the dialogue in tomorrow's scene, and the woman asked if we should cut or rewrite one of my lines involving me saying 'Jesus Christ' (and not in the vain way). The guy says no, and leans over and whispers in her ear. Her eyes got wide and she was like OHHHHHHHHH, yeah... So later, when I asked her what he said they had planned for my character she says "I can't tell you." I asked why and she said, "Cause I'm afraid to." Which hopefully means something truly twisted is coming up for me! SCORE!

S C O R E ! !

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