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The Velawesomeraptor Himself

I feel like I'm in college again...

I've not written much about puppet rehearsals, because I've been doing it all through Stanley. But tonight was an all singing/dance rehearsal, and it was so much fun that I actually have to do the talking tonight.

Because we're trying to do JUSTICE to the Bollywood style, and not make a parody/mockery of it, we're having to re-learn alot of musical stuff (and dance stuff) so that we're a little more correct stylistically. Now, we'll never be PERFECT, mind you, but we're doing our best. So tonight, we worked on structuring improvised songs to better match the Bollywood style. At first it was REALLY awkward. I mean, we've got these patterns ingrained so that we're all on the same page when we do this stuff, and now we're tearing the page out and writing a whole new one. But after a while, it just all seemed to come together-- and it culminated with this amazing group number where 5 of us sang, danced, and even synchronized a percussion break. Just so much fun.

I was EXHAUSTED when we were done, but there was so much adrenaline that I jumped right back up when the next group needed an extra person. Totally getting an aerobic workout this week. :)

Anyhoo, thanks for listening to me ramble. If you're interested in coming to see the show, check out Once I have my performance dates, I'll post them.

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