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Bonding with the father...

My dad wasn't a typical dad. My dad was the artsy fartsy type (now you know where I get it). We did our 'fun time bonding' at the theater, building sets and shit like that. We worked construction together, but that was never voluntary on my part, so it wasn't a bonding thing, it was more of a subtle form of torture.

Later in life, computers became something we could rally around, but my dad HATES to have to ask me questions cause he thinks that I think he's dumb, which he isn't. He's impatient, and I get frustrated with him when he is. He's honestly REALLY good with the computer when he's not being pissed off about it. But the computer hasn't really been a GOOD bonding experience because there's always that tension there.

Now I have a car. Dad and I never did the car thing. But since I got the Miata, I've spent more time talking to him on the phone and in emails so far this year than I think I did all last year. We talk about cool stuff we want to do with the car, and about how we did certain things... it's actually a lot of fun. So instead of being 8 and having my head under the car watching him change the oil, he's telling me how to do it through an email, and I'm emailing him back about how it went, or calling him on the phone cursing about how I can't figure it out... it's the macho bonding time that I never got to have with him growing up.

How bizarre.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

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