The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Daily Twitters (for Posterity)

  • 12:34 BAAAHAHAHha! Safe for work: #
  • 13:49 @wilw Just don't start telling us when you poo, m'kay? #
  • 13:50 @melibabe YAY NEW LUGGAGES! #
  • 14:14 Want: #
  • 14:20 So I'm taking Stanley to Vegas with me. Be sure to ask questions for the next "What Would Bacon Do?" #
  • 14:28 “We need to chip away at the havens of hate... until there is nothing left for the haters to fight with." #
  • 14:58 You know what's awesome? I was just nice to a total stranger for NO reason whatsoever, and they were nice right back to me. :) #
  • 17:02 @Tabz AWWWW CRAP! I'll be in Mexico on the 13th!! #
  • 17:29 @blh120 Also... #
  • 17:34 Live Journal feed for the President-Elect's blog: #
  • 20:08 @InnerBrat Woah. Kinky. #
  • 20:14 HEY APPLE! When are you going to get the iPhone syncing with Thunderbird/Lightning? I'm sick of Outlook. SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! #
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