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Fun work time conversations...

LIGHTS UP on our hero, Clay, in his stall, working. The PHONE rings.

Clay: This is Clay.

Diane: (phone voice) Hi there! Dean wanted me to let you know that you'll be speaking to the Regional Managers next week. He's got you slated for an hour.

Clay: Oh, okay. What did he want me to talk about?

Diane: (phone voice) I don't know. He told me to call you and ask.

Clay: All right... I'll come up with something, but I don't think I'll need more than half an hour.

Diane: (phone voice) Okay.


Clay: This is Clay.

Diane: (phone voice) Hi, Dean wanted me to tell you that you're talking about the new online systems and the whole e-mail/Internet problem and what we're doing about it.

Clay: Okay.

So that's fine, except for the fact that at the LAST regional meeting I gave them all the information I had on the Internet Product, and I know NOTHING about what we're doing about the e-mail/Internet problem because the IS department has this habit of keeping me in the dark on these things...

So I'll bullshit my way through something.

King of Bullshit

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