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Long weekends aren't long enough...

Friday sucked more than the entire week before it sucked combined.

When I'm stressed, I eat, and I ate ALOT of Sugar on Friday which gave me huge amounts of heartburn. Add to that an ice pick style headache, and hopefully you'll understand why I missed DiPesa the Elder's birthday bash. I was really bummed about that, too, since I've YET to be at a party at vicissitude's. But much Aleve and much sleep saw me mobile (yet still heartburned) around 11:30, and at that point, I wasn't going anywhere..

Here's where I did something stupid. I installed Civilization- Call to Power. Around 4:30 in the morning, I finally climbed in bed, and only because I had a haircut at 9.

Most of the following morning was spent in a sleep deprived haze. I dozed while putting more Freakazoid episodes on tape for ms_entropy then worked on my car some, finally meeting up with people at Dick's Last Resort for dinner.

Unfortunately, the beer set my heartburn off again, so I went home early to down some milk and crackers and yes, you guessed it, fall prey to Civ once again.

Sunday saw me up early to clean the house, and the hearty group of gamers arriving at my place around 1:00 for fun game time. mr_sarcasm puts on a really good show, you should try one of his games some time. Also in attendance were khourytamarisk, dirtymikesell, sjc, king_of_none, mobilejessie, and Scott and Barbara (who may or may not have journals, I'm not sure. Anyway, game was fun and went WAY too long, but in a good way. :)

Monday, that's today, was quite fun as well... up early to start on the post game cleanup, then off to see Episode II with Johanna, Joe and komos. I don't spend nearly enough time with komos, and that needs to be rectified, cause he's wicked cool.

Episode II (no spoilers, don't worry) was fun. Personally, I enjoyed it. It's a kids movie, that's obvious, so all you have to do is turn your higher brain function off at the door, sit back, and enjoy it for what it is-- an E ticket ride. Honestly, the admission price was WELL worth it just for the Yoda scenes. I like Yoda. He's my hero. And apparently seeing it in a digital theater IS superior to the regular film. At least according to komos.

Back home after post-movie food to finish cleaning the post-game mess. That's when I broke out season one of the Star Trek: The Next Generation DVDs. Wow... I'd forgotten DeForest Kelly was in the pilot episode. It was SO cheesy, but damn if I couldn't stop watching. Six hours of Trek later, and here I am. And amazingly enough, that last hour was an episode that I'd NEVER seen before. It's what, twelve or thirteen years old, if not more? It was really bizarre to watch it... as if it was a 'lost episode' or something. At least to me. But it was fun. I look forward to picking up the rest of the series, if only for sentimental value... and I honestly understand now why so many fanboys hated Wesley Crusher. They were jealous. THEY wanted to be the boy genius on the Enterprise, but they couldn't, so their jealousy turned to anger. Yeah, Wesley was written poorly, but Wil Wheaton CAN act, and I think he did a decent job with what they gave him. Despite the fact that it MAY be suckfilled, I'm still looking forward to Trek X at the movies.

And now, my friends, it's time to make sleepage.

Live long and prosper, dudes.

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