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We’re looking for experienced improvisors for our upcoming show:
Un-Scripted: unscripted.

Show Description:
Our audiences loved it. We loved it. So we’re bringing it back! It’s the short form show with no set list and no format. What does that mean? We can do whatever we want! Short scenes, long scenes, games, songs, musical instrument jams, things we did long ago and want to bring back, things we've never ever tried before and always wanted to. It’s all about surprising your fellow improvisors and the audience. Once the show starts it never stops. All suggestions are gotten in character, and each scene flows seamlessly into the next without breaks for introductions, sweeping the improvisors and the audience on a ride of improvised possibility. Fun, huh?
We’re looking for improvisors with shortform experience and solid acting skills who are up for just about anything. Auditions will be Monday and Tuesday, January 12 & 13, 2009. They're group auditions, so you should plan to be there from about 7pm to 9:30pm. To sign up, email the assistant producer Bryce and let us know whether you prefer Monday or Tuesday. Bryce will send you a confirmation with your date, the location (still TBA), and your handy-dandy audition paperwork.

In order to give you the best opportunity to show us your improv skills, we try to keep our auditions as light and low-pressure as possible (more like a workout or improv jam than a normal theater audition). We'll even email you the audition paperwork ahead of time, so you can fill it out in the comfort of your own home and bring it with you. We want our auditions to be fun and stress-free, so you can just come and play with other improvisors who love improvising as much as you do.

If you'd like more information about the audition and rehearsal process, and what we might be looking for when casting, you can visit the auditions page of our website: We offer a stipend of $50 for the run of the show.

Rehearsals will begin around January 27th and continue on Tuesdays until the show is over. The show performs Thursday-Saturday, March 5 – 28 at 8pm, and Saturday matinees at 3pm, at the SF Playhouse Stage 2, 533 Sutter St. in San Francisco.

Alan Goy, Director
Clay Robeson, Assistant Director
Christian Utzman, Producer
Bryce Byerley, Assistant Producer

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