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Mathmatical Reduction of Longform Improvisation

un-scripted 2009 retreat 020
un-scripted 2009 retreat 020,
originally uploaded by bryce_byerley.

So one of the things we did yesterday was talk about long form vs medium form vs short form improvisation, and how the amount of information that is communicated in a "scene" versus the type of scene you're doing, and the total length of time you're going to be on stage.

Sort of as a joke, we started talking about things like "Time Elapsed in Story" minus "Time on Stage" equals "The sum of the time jumps made during the show." And "Plot Advancement" divided by "Plot Color" is equal to the "Pace" of the scene.

The more we talked about it, though, the more sense it made. So we actually started SERIOUSLY talking about it, trying to come up with a method of gauging how we SHOULD be pacing scenes. What also happened was that we came up with some concrete information on what needs to be adjusted to lengthen or shorten a scene.

We may write a book.


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