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Resting with the Fishes: Day 3

Our third day (the second day on the boat) started joyously, with a nice breakfast with friends and family. The weather was already warm, so most of us had slept with our deck doors open, with the slight fear that brother-in-law unit would come swooping in to pounce on us while we slept, just like he did to the poor couple yesterday while they were in the middle of makin whoopie. Thankfully, we knew them. Unfortunately, we knew them. As an educational component to our trip, we all now know where the locks on our deck doors are.

Watching the lights come on in peoples' eyes as folks realized exactly WHY breakfast had been delivered to them at 5AM was sorta amusing. As were the threats of reprisal that came after. Our breakfast team was much more jovial than our head waiter had been the night before, which was a nice change.

Everyone made themselves pretty after breakfast, then the group separated for morning activities. Sister unit, brother-in-law unit, and Bubba and wife and I all talked about shore excursions for Grand Cayman. We figured out which one the other couple had booked and booked it using the magic of our in room TV communication systems. Then the other couple showed up and told us that no, in fact, we booked the wrong one. So then we got to spend quality time in line at the Shore Excursion desk waiting to exchange them for the right ones. Brother-in-law had gas. Bad times were had by all in his presence.

Wife for the week and I went to The Point Supper Club for a little wine tasting with the ship's Sommelier. Except that we were a bit early, so we explored the ship a bit first, and found the Sushi joint (that was closed-- it's open from 5 to 8:30), and we checked out some of the nightclubs while it was still light out. Eventually we made our way back to the Supper Club for wine. It was "New World Wines," which meant America, Chile, Argentina and Australia. I tasted the most horrific Sauvignon Blanc I've ever experienced. The rest of the wines were passable, if unremarkable. The last of the four, the Malbec, I might have picked up more of if I was feeling really needy. On the up side, though, the EDUCATIONAL part of the tasting was pretty cool... except that the nice lady's accent made it sound like she was saying "estrogen" when she was really saying "astringent."

Post wine, Wife for the week and I found the fish and chip bar and had a seafood lunch. We had deep fried oysters, breaded fish fillets and deep fried calamari, zucchini and sweet onions which had some unannounced shrimps, which aren't good for her if she plans on staying alive. Luckily I spotted them before she consumed them and tragedy was avoided. While we dined, we got a text message from the sister unit telling us that those excursion tickets we exchanged STILL weren't right.

So Wife for the week and I trekked back to the room, nabbed the excursion tickets, left a note for the sister unit telling her where we were headed, and went to make the exchanging one more time. The line was even longer. This time, though, there wasn't a gassy brother-in-law, so things were better that way at least.

Eventually people regrouped, naps were had, more drinks were had, I wandered the ship and found the mini-golf course, and then we all returned to our rooms to hang out on our balcony deck things to watch the sun set. Then it was time to get ready for Cocktails with the Captain. Wow, we were sexy. Wow, we got drunk.

Dinner was super tasty again. Our head waiter was much more smiley. Desert was stupid tasty. Some of us were still a little drunked up, but folks went and got casual, then we made our way to the ship's big theater for what we thought was a comedy show, but which was in fact, the big show dancing tribute to France through music. It was fun, but not as FUNNY as we'd hoped.

Between the theater and the elevator, everyone realized just how freakin tired they were, and everyone headed back to their rooms for bed. Mmmm... bed.

And just before dozing off, Wife for the week ordered 5AM breakfast for Brother-in-law and Sister unit. HA!
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