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Blue Monday...

Wow... I'm really down this morning. Not depressed though, just feeling a little lost. Not TOTALLY sure why, either.

I realized this weekend, however, that I could never live alone. I don't like an empty house. It's too quiet. I had to have the radio or TV on all weekend while the roomie was away, or I felt... off kilter.

Thanks, once again, to mr_sarcasm for an entertaining game filled Sunday. While frustrating as hell for the character, it was enjoyable for the player. All except for the me having to call and put in the food order, though. Half the players could use some remedial handwriting classes. :)

Back to my lost, though... I've been dreaming lonely dreams of late. Seeing friends and people from my past living their lives without me. It's like I've been forgotten.

Bah, it's only dreams.

Only dreams...

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