The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

This week in Improv...

Thursday night's show may have been one of the most fun that I've ever done. It's definitely in the top 10, if nothing else.

Right before the show started, we lost the stage left wing. It wasn't hung all the great, and really, there wouldn't have been time to fix it properly before show time, so we just ran with it. We improvised. And did the show with only one wing. Does this sound like the beginning of an airline disaster rescue story? :D

Anyway, because there was only a wing stage right, the five of us and the prop shelves were all kind of stuck in there pretty tightly. We'd rotate, much like the bullets in a revolver, and there were a couple times when I found myself fired out onto stage with no idea in my head whatsoever.

The amazing thing about Thursday was that it didn't matter. It was stupid fun, and everything I did got picked up and run down the field like we were playing in the Superbowl.

A couple games we played that I'd never played before, which is ALWAYS a freakin adrenaline hurricane. And we ended the show with something that I'd been wanting and dreading all at the same time... Spit Take. The most fun and most disgusting scene you'll ever do in Improv.

Tags: improv, un-scripted

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