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How I plan on Destroying my Father for Father's Day...

This year, it's Fuck With Daddy style Father's Day. I got him seven cards, and am going to mail one a day starting tomorrow. On the back of each card, is a note:

1) Do not open until Father's Day
2) I *SAID* do not open until Father's Day
3) You better not be opening this until Father's Day!
4) Do not open until Father's Day (this is killing you, isn't it?)
5) OOH! A Blue Envelope! (You still can't open it until Father's Day)
6) Do not open until Father's Day (Mom, is he cursing my name yet?)
7) Do not open until Father's Day (And when you do, open them in order)

So each card gets progressively sappier, ending with a card of a father and son working on a car that looks a lot like a Miata.

He'll be bawling for a week. Guaranteed. :)


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