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Shakespeare: The Musical

This is what you missed on Saturday:

Saturday Matinee: In the Market for Love
What's a mother (Clay) to do? Pining for a lost love herself, she's determined to marry off her two daughters. Timid Elizabeth (Merrill) has never been in love. Flighty Margaret (Trish) finds it every week--this week it's the flaxen-haired stranger (Bryce) she met in the marketplace. Bernard the dung-collector (Bryce) meanwhile has a secret passion for Margaret. When everyone buys a love potion, chaos ensues! Will the girls sort it out and find happiness? And what about their poor mother?

Want to come see the show?

I'm playing the following dates:

5/9 3PM
5/14 8PM
5/15 8PM
5/22 8PM
5/23 3PM
5/29 8PM

(No, I never actually play a Saturday night show for some reason, sorry about that.) for more info!

We are but actors...

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