The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself


I dropped my iPhone into a bowl of Vietnamese soup.

It was amazing, really, watching it happen. I got a text message. I pulled iZora out of my pocket, looked at who the text was from, and then watched her do a back flip out of my hand, into the bowl.

In my mind, it took forever for me to react...
Holy crap. My phone is in the soup. This can't be good. Can I get it out before it gets wet? Not likely. But what about before soup gets in any of the holes. Not likely. Hand, why aren't you reaching for the phone yet? Oh, there we go. This soup is hot. I wish I had more than one napkin...

But apparently, I moved almost faster than the speed of light to retrieve it.

The guy working at the Pho store dashed over with extra napkins, and I began the process of wiping the phone down, after extracting it from it's Pho covered case (by Speck).

It took a moment, then the laughter began. And the laughter lasted for about 20 minutes.

At first, the phone wouldn't shut down. I'd force power her off, and she'd just reboot. Then there were the "This Device Wasn't Made for This Phone, Asshole" messages (that are still happening now and then). But I can text, get calls, and take pictures... so,we'll see what happens.


Master of Clumsy
Tags: duh, izora

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