The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Flirting With First

Since Friday, I've been in a neck and neck back and forth with Dan from Chino, CA for First Place in the American Wine Idol competition.

Dan and I have exchanged some good natured, funny emails via Facebook. He, too, has been contacted for the Top 50 screening interview.

I've pinged the Livejournal Bay Area community, Linked-In communities for Penn State Alums and Thespians, every mailing list I can think of... I'm basically a spam machine lately. Attempts at leveraging some traffic from Digg and Fark were met with resounding FAIL, but hey, it's hard to get stuff on there normally-- when you're pimping yourself, it's even harder.

There are 274 people in the Facebook group. HOLY CRAP!!! I also got contacted by the publisher of an indie web mag about doing something with them, which is really cool (granted, they're pimping one of their own staff for the job, but that's okay).

Again, thank you for putting up with me here, and elsewhere, and thank you to all of who who have echoed my spam to your friends so many times. Application cutoffs are Friday, and they announce the Top 50 on the 26th.

Y'all rock, and the lovefest will be over sooner or later, hopefully with me coming out victorious! :D

Tags: wine

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