The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Daily Twitters (for Posterity)

  • 13:31 @bryce_byerley He's a former G4TechTV star. Kevin Rose got him onto the front page of Digg. They're buddies. #
  • 13:57 @MarcusRSams I'm sure you're right! :) #
  • 16:14 whispers to Digg users. Don't dig this article, but go give thumbs up to mightytribble's comment. :D #
  • 22:27 @MyNameIsGaron Supporting the recount in Iran. #
  • 22:44 wonders what causes people to be total asshats on the internet. I've got half as many votes as Martin Sargent, so lets call me names. Fun! #
  • 22:53 @LaughAtlantis He'll bring THOUSANDS of fans with him. Who cares what he knows about wine. His sycophants will drink what he tells them to. #
  • 00:10 @LaughAtlantis Let's hope not! :) #
  • 00:11 @walidk You are absolutely correct, of course. :) #
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