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It's Magically Delicious...

So this weekend, what was supposed to be a few folks over to help brew beer turned into a really nice afternoon of hanging out.

And the beer still got made!

It's sitting on the kitchen counter right now burbling away like a child who just discovered it has lips.

Funny thing is, the aroma coming off of it smells distinctly of Banana.

There's no banana in the beer, of course, it's just a byproduct of the yeast.

Mmmmmmmmmm, beer...

This started off as a Barley Wine recipe that I got off the Internet, but my brew store didn't have all the ingredients it called for, so I did some 'on the fly' substitutions, and here's what I ended up throwing together:

8 lbs Amber Malt Extract (liquid) -- no, I'm not a total grain brewer YET
1lb Muntons Amber Dry Malt Extract
1 1/4 lbs Muntons Caramalt
1/2 lb Vienna Malt
1/2 lb Patent Black Malt
1 oz. Centennial Hops Pellets
1 oz. Pride of Ringwood Pellets
1 oz. Fuggles Pellets
1/2 oz. UK Kent Golding Full Leaf Hops
1 oz. Irish Moss
3.5 oz. Maltodextrin
1 package of Wyeast #1214 Belgian

All of the grains were steeped in a cheesecloth ball in 3 gallons of Poland Spring water. The temperature was brought to about 150 degrees and held there for 30 minutes.

Grains were removed and the liquid was brought to a boil.

The liquid and dry extracts as well as the maltodextrin were added and the mixture was brought back to a boil until the Hot Break (this is where some of the unnecessary proteins settle out). The Centennial, Ringwood and Fuggles hops were added and boiled for 45 minutes, then the Golding and Irish Moss was added and all of it boiled for 15 more minutes.

Everything was then sparged (sieved) into the carboy and it was force cooled in an ice bath until it reached room temperature. I pitched the yeast, and now it's bubbling like a baby.

Tonight I'll take off the big 'don't overflow' contraption and put on the air lock, and at the same time, I'll dry hop another 1/2 oz. UK Kent Golding Full Leaf Hops into the carboy. Thirteen days from now, it will be racked into a second carboy and allowed to sit for a few more days before bottling. Then it needs to be aged for about two months.


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