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People are stupid...

So every half an hour to forty-five minutes, I get up and take a quick lap around the cubefarm to stretch my legs and get away from the incessantly ringing phone. It usually doesn't take more than a minute or two.

On my last excursion, I found myself in the copy/supply room pondering how to make a rubber band gun out of the mammoth rubber bands we have in there.

One of my cow-orkers walked into the copy room, stopped in front of the copier and asked, "Oh, what's wrong with it?"

I looked. The control screen was black. So I touched the power button, and it lit back up.

"Oh! Thank you!" says the cow-orker.

It's truly saddening to know that most of the world would be dead in a day if it wasn't for technology, yet they have no clue how to truly operate the technology that's keeping them alive.

The Masses are Asses

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