The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

State of the Pants

My fellow Awemericans,

I stand here before you today as is required by the Constitution of the United State of Awesome of which I am the Prizezidente Supremo. My task? To inform you all in a Fair and BalancedTM manner about all that is happening in our State of Awesome. So here goes:

Our Nation Expanded

The relocation of the Capitol of Awesome from San Jose to San Francisco is nearing completion. While there is still some minor construction work to do on the Capitol Building itself, the offices of the seat of government are fully functional, if slightly cluttered with boxes as of yet. And while the food services area is still in dire need of cleaning and a paint job, the work is progressing, albeit slowly. Hopefully, sometime in late August, there will be a Grand Re-Awesomeing, with beer and snacks for all who attend.

Our National Debt

With the resolution of the discussions with the State of MurphyGoode all but resolved, we must once more look for sources of National Income that don't require a 56 mile commute each way. While we are thankful that the Principality of La Pastaia maintains a love for us that extends into the monetary, eventually, we must find other sources of natural and monetary resources that won't tax us all as much as we are currently being taxed (in a non IRS way). As such, if you have a winning lottery ticket you would like to send this way, we would be eternally grateful, and might even bestow upon you a Dutchy of Awesome.

Our National Transport

Miata Force One, Leslie Ann, has been working tirelessly getting us to and from everywhere we need to be, including the recent Inter-Awesome-National Conference that took place in the City of Angels. However, she's developed a bit of a wracking cough as her catalytic converter slowly shakes itself apart. Yet another reason to find new sources to relieve our National Debt.

Our First Family

I am happy to say that the First Mother's computer is once again fully functional after our sojourn to the Land of Never Ending Heat to facilitate its repair at the start of this month. The First Father did, in fact, NOT get blown up in the Great Garage Fire of June 2009, for which we are all thankful. And the First Sibling's Family has returned from their peace keeping mission to the Oregon Dunes, where they participated in many local traditions, including the Traditional Four Wheeled Dune Excursion.

Our Summer Improv Projects

Shortly, we will launch the first of two summer projects with the National Theater, Un-Scripted. As these projects develop, we will most certainly keep you informed.

Our Other Projects

The relocation of the Capitol of Awesome has put many projects into a holding pattern until the new Capitol building has been completely renovated, and some of the relocation debt has been paid off. However, we are presently working on the aforementioned Book of Photography, which we hope to have a preview of by the end of the month. We are also completing the Album of Wedded Bliss for an amazing couple who invited us to photograph their nuptials. Ministry of Puppetry, Stanley, has been on an extended hiatus, which we are not pleased about, but once things settle back into a normal pattern, hopefully he will be able to resume his duties. The Zombie Rock Opera is also in a holding pattern at the moment, but hopefully that will also change soon, and work can begin on a mini-concept album.

There are also any number of new (or old and as of yet un-realized) projects bouncing around in our Noggin of Awesome, including: improvised movie, half hour sit com pilot, self producing said pilot, web series (multiple), song parodies, sketches, photo projects... We need more minions.

Our Inter-Awesome-National Relations

As spoken previously, our trip to the City of Angels was a resounding success. We spent a great deal of time with an amazing composer of music and song, and learned much about the famous Newman Family of composers in the process. We also had time to recreate, and visited the Universal Studios as well as locations holy to those of the Buffy Faith.

In Conclusion

There is much afoot here in the United State of Awesome. We'd be in better shape if more of it were income generating, of course. But isn't that always the case? The focus in the coming months must be on projects of our own creation, for those have received the most neglect of late, and income generating projects as well. Our Nation is strong, and while it may not always be rainbows and unicorns, there is much to be thankful for.

Go in peace, my friends. And may Bob shine his Flashlight of Win upon your brow.

Prizezidente Supremo

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