The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Daily Twitters (for Posterity)

  • 10:56 is off to Santa Maria for a few days. Wish me luck. #
  • 11:02 thinks these people don't know how to label their gas. #
  • 11:06 ReTweet @membylake: RT @mashable: Social Media Banned from College Stadiums - #
  • 11:10 notes to self: if you hear an ambulance, don't get on the freeway until you know it's not going the same way you are. #trafficfail #
  • 11:14 smiles. The two skin head punks in the car behind me are having a good old time singing along to something. I'm pretending it's showtunes. #
  • 13:42 @feliciaday: #datemyavatar Loved it!! #
  • 13:43 okays! Gas and Sbux achieved. And now, back on the road. #
  • 15:02 I'm here: #
  • 15:53 Hooch says welcome to Santa Maria! #
  • 16:12 @merlinofchaos @torquemada there will be no kicking. Someone went home for a few days. #
  • 16:47 @melibabe can you email that to me? Aunty can't remember her wireless password, so I've only got iPhone right now. #
  • 16:48 @Cliss did you hash tag them with the sharpie? #datemyavatar #
  • 17:51 @tomlenk You just need a little more work on the accent, then you're sure to make it big in the German Pop Arena. #
  • 19:31 @hjkuzcotopia best kitten names evar. #
  • 20:54 thinks some of you will be disappointed to know that LoudTwitter is back up and running. #
  • 20:58 auggggs! I've not edited an AUTOEXEC.BAT in... what... 10 years??? Rust clogging brain... #
  • 22:56 Woo! SPARKS release is a go! On the new McSweeney's / Wholphin DVD along with Spike Jonze. (via @hitRECordJoe) #
  • 22:57 wins. 80 year old uncle's 26 year old word processor now running off a bootable CD on an XP machine. #
  • 23:37 @AthenaMuze I've heard of Writers with Drinks, and I've walked past Good Vibrations before. :D I guess I must check both out now. #
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