The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

B-Movie Teaser Shoot - Special FX Weekend

So one of the summer projects we're working on with Un-Scripted is shooting B-Movie style trailers is prep for The B-Movie Project. We're doing them in the style of The Impossible Film Project, so everything is being edited in camera. No capture and film editing suite. No re-takes. No script.

The director sets up the shot, calls action, and when the scene is done, the director pauses the camera, calls cut and moves to the next shot. Everything is shot in order, and whatever happens, happens... it's what we get.

It's kind of exciting, honestly.

This was the second weekend of trial runs, and we decided to up our game a little bit with a sheet of plexiglass and some window markers. We were originally just going to use them to do titles and such, but they allowed us to create some on the fly FX as well.

Ghost images, moving star patterns, titles... it was really pretty cool, and the folks who came in to be our actors were awesome in rolling with the punches and letting us try out a bunch of different stuff. Kudos to everybody!!

Editing, in camera
Tags: improv

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